A3C Cardano Stake Pool

Our fees &/or margin will NEVER be raised, guaranteed!

  • Fee:         340 ADA (not paid by you the delegator)

    • What is the fee? Answer: When a pool wins a block, fee is removed from total rewards for SPO (Stake Pool Operator).​

  • Margin:   2.5% (1/2 of SPO's margin rewards are donated*)

    • What is the margin? Answer: After Fee is removed from total pool rewards, margin % is allocated to SPO.

  • System:   aws® for maximum uptime

  • *Mission: Funds allocated to date:   24.2 ADA

    • Assist the Cardano Community to make it safer by providing reliable information & safety awareness & assist Charles Hoskinson with banking the unbanked through kiva.org.

      • A3C allocates 1/2 of our personal margin rewards to our kiva.org fund. When fund reaches $1,000 CAD a donation will be made to kiva.org & documented on our Twitter

IOHK recommends you consider many factors before choosing a stake pool to delegate with.


Below are IOHK's recommendations & A3C's plan to fully meet them.

Managed by someone you trust

Through hard work & community dedication A3C has gained the trust of our followers & delegators by injecting our brand throughout social media to promote safe practices and provide reliable information.

Donates to a cause you want to support

For every block our pool receives, 1/2 of our 2.5% margin rewards is placed in a donation fund to provide loans & change lives through kiva.org.  When value of fund reaches $1,000 CAD, a donation will be made & documented on Twitter

Provides performance information regularly

All relevant information in regards to the performance of our pool is here & also at the top of this page.  If there is something you do not see, please ask.  At A3C we are proud of our transparency & strive to be better.

Owned by more than one stakeholder

A3C subcontracts all pool maintenance tasks which allows us to focus on marketing & assisting the community by providing advice & safe practice recommendations through our social media including YouTube.

Powered by green energy

Our plan is to operate on 100% green energy by adopting Tesla solar roof when available in our area / country.  In addition Starlink will be used for increased redundancy.

Operated by an NGO

A3C operates independently from any government agency, contributes to non-profit by donating 1/2 our personal margin rewards, donating our time providing free community crypto advice & providing the community with reliable videos & information.