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Meet our team

Welcome to A3C Crypto Club.

Our mission:

"Onboard new users to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing reliable information and safe practices to ensure your investments are sound and safe."

My name is Shawn, I am a husband, father of 3 and work full time as an Mechanical Engineering Technologist for the government.  In 2021 I used my unique skill set of using technology to solve problems to created A3C as a means to help and educate people about Blockchain Technology and assist in entering the ecosystem.

Are you unsure about Crypto?  Does the word Crypto scare you? Not sure what a hot or cold wallet is?  Confused about NFT's, DEFI, Yield Farming or Blockchain technology?  Contact me and lets talk,  I will assist with whatever you need and ensure you have a deep understanding to make better choices.

The key to successfully investing in Cryptocurrency is understanding the fundamentals of blockchain technology and therefore investing in blockchain technology not gambling with Cryptocurrency.

Contact me, lets talk!
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