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A3C Stake & Earn Airdrop Trophy
• Monthly Airdrop Giveaway Program •

On the first week of each month 3 winners will be randomly selected:

  • 2 winners will split ADA* & one lucky winner will win an NFT.

To be eligible** for our monthly ADA, cNFT & random cNFT airdrops you must be holding an A3C Trophy in your wallet while staking with A3C. 

Winners will be selected the first week of each month, See details below to be eligible.

2023 trophy.jpg

A3C Augmented Reality Trophy, select to view

  1. **What are the rules to be eligible?

    • Must be staking at least 300 ADA at the time of the giveaway.

    • Must be staking for minimum 2 epochs (10 days)

  2. How much are the trophies?

    • Trophies are 50 ADA each.​

  3. Where do I purchase an A3C Utility Trophy?

  4. *How is the total ADA given away determined?

    • Our monthly 2.5% margin will be tallied, with a max of 400 ADA total (200 per winner).

  5. How long will the contest last?

    • We plan on running this contest indefinitely however due to unforeseen circumstances like bad actors or people trying to take advantage, A3C reserves the right to cancel, pause or modify the contest at anytime.

  6. How do I get updates on the winners?

  7. How many trophies will be minted?

    • Currently the cap is 500 trophies​, however if demand rises more trophies will be added to mint.

  8. How do I get more information?

    • If you have a question or need more information please contact me on Twitter.

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