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Easiest way to invest in Cardano Earn ~4-5% dividend.

For Canadians we recommend NDAX Crypto Exchange to purchase Cryptocurrency as this is a FINTRAC registered Canadian company.  For all other countries please choose your Exchange wisely.

Step 1: Setup an acount with NDAX to purchase Crypto.

Go to NDX website using this referral link & setup your account. (We both get $10 if you use the refferal link)

Step 2: Setup your private wallet.

There are many official Cardano wallets you can use (see safe link wallet section) however for the best overall Cardano experience we recommend Eternl wallet (aka CCvault).  We use Eternl since it caters to all platforms, PC, Apple, Android & IOS.  Be sure to SAFELY secure your seed phrase, loose your seed phrase (24 words) you loose your money forever.  NO JOKE!

Step 3: Transfer ADA to Cardano wallet.

Once your wallet is setup you will need to transfer your ADA to your wallet.  Below is a video example moving ADA from NDAX exchange to a Yoroi mobile wallet.  Note that if you are not using NDAX or Yoroi the process is the same.  Get receive address from wallet, put in send field in exhange.

Step 4: Stake/delegate to stake pool.

To stake in Eternl look for staking tab.  Input A3C, or your favourtie stake pool, and select delegate.
Below are videos on how to stake your ADA.  When the wallet asks which stake pool to search for feel free to input your desired stake pool or join A3C's stake pool & help us grow & change lives.

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