At A3C we are constantly developing new ways to streamline our business.  We have setup this page to allow people who may have used our services or received free advice from us and would like to say thank you. 


If you would like to participate in the growth of A3C please feel free to make a contribution to our Research & Development team or donation initiative below.  Future projects include a 2.0 app that will fully integrate with our paid and non-paid members in addition to a custom education platform to help people make safe choices and teach safe practices.

Participate in our growth

Donate to A3C research & develolpment

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Donate to A3C charity fund*

Cardano ADA receive address



  • *Donate 1/2 our margin rewards to our local community food bank.

  • Donate my time to help the Cardano Community grow by providing:

    • Free branding / marketing advice to all including stake pool operators, cNFT developers, artists or anyone looking to increase their digital presence.

    • Free technical support & safety guidance.

    • Free "how to videos" on our YouTube channel.

    • Free Twitter mini portals / guides to educate the community. (see support section in our webpage).