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Stake Pool Information

  • Fee:         340 ADA (not paid by you the delegator)

    • What is the fee?

      • Answer: When a pool wins a block, fee is removed from total rewards for SPO (Stake Pool Operator).​  A fee MUST be chosen, 340 is lowest.

  • Margin:   2.5% (WIN up to 400 ADA/month, see mission*)

    • What is the margin?

      • Answer: After Fee is removed from total pool rewards, margin % is allocated to SPO.

  • System:   aws® for maximum uptime

  • Mission:   Support the Cardano community by:

    • *Monthly airdropping our 2.5% margin (up to 400 ADA) to our delegators, more info here.

    • Donate my time to help the Cardano Community grow by providing:

      • Free branding / marketing advice to all including stake pool operators, cNFT developers, artists or anyone looking to increase their digital presence.

      • Free technical support & safety guidance.

      • Free "how to videos" on our YouTube channel.

      • Free Twitter mini portals / guides to educate the community. (see support section).

IOHK recommends you consider 6 factors before choosing a stake pool.

Below are IOHK's 6 recommendations & A3C's plan to fully meet them.

1. Managed by someone you trust

Through hard work & dedication A3C has gained the trust of our followers & delegators by injecting our brand throughout social media to promote safe practices and provide reliable information.

2. Donates to a cause you want to support

Our monthly 2.5% fee will be airdropped to delegators which aligns with our mission to support the Cadano Community, more info here.

3. Provides performance information regularly

All relevant information in regards to pool performance can be found here.  If there is something you do not see, please ask.  At A3C we are proud of our transparency & strive to be better.

4. Owned by more than one stakeholder

A3C subcontracts all pool maintenance tasks which allows me to focus on supporting the Cardano community, see mission above.

5. Powered by green energy

Our plan is to operate on 100% green energy by adopting Tesla solar roof when available in our area / country.  In addition Starlink will be used for increased redundancy.

6. Operated by an NGO

A3C operates independently from any government agency, contributes to support the community by giving back our 2.5% margin rewards.

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