How to earn HOSKY tokens EVERY 5 days with A3C!

Hosky logo.png

​Instructions (FAQ Below)

  1. Confirm you are staking with A3C Cardano Pool.

  2. Visit

  3. Select Brown Bowl RUG POOLS.

  4. Send 2 ADA to address given, be sure to send ADA from wallet being staked with A3C.

  5. This can be done every epoch (5 days), check cardano Epoch Clock here.

Did you know you can purchase HOSKY c(ash grab)NFT's at & each NFT earns you more HOSKY tokens!  Hold traits below & earn even MORE HOSKY tokens!  



  1. Do I have to buy HOSKY cNFT's?

    • No, you can earn HOSKY tokens by holding just ADA, each 10K ADA will give you 1 Billion HOSKY tokens.  By having HOSKY cNFT's multiplies the amount of HOSKY tokens you receive.​

  2. Will A3C have Gnomeskie support?

    • Yes, Gnomeskie support coming soon. ​

  3. How do i get the MAXIMUM amount of HOSKY tokens?

    • ​Hold as much ADA as you can, hold HOSKY cNFT's with the  traits identified in graphic above.