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Shawn has a very unique skillset from mechanical design to data mining to machine learning to computer hardware & software knowledge. Combining his unique skillset with his passion to solve problems, Shawn is a reliable source to help you build confidence in your decisions.

Strategic Planning

Our expertise and knowledge will find you an innovative solution.

Our Services:

  • Residential Support:

    • Networking i.e.; WiFi, Extenders, Mesh Network.

    • Computer & Software support.

    • Home theater setup & recommendations

    • Household budgeting.

    • Home theater setup.

    • Renovation advice i.e.: Basement renovation, backyard, etc.

  • Mechanical design recommendations.

  • Product development / improvement.

  • Conceptual floorplan & property layouts.

  • Website design / review.

  • Identifying software enhancements.

  • Android smart device support.

  • Project estimates.

  • General technology questions.

If you do not see what you looking for, please ask.

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