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You do not need to book an appointment to stake, simply follow below.

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Service Description

If you have any questions, please book an appointment otherwise see below to stake your ADA coins with A3C Modern Consulting for 100% uptime. Instructions for staking with A3C Modern Consulting: Download & Install an Official Cardano Wallet (Yoroi or Daedalus) instructions for both below. At A3C we do not recommend staking with an exchange or a non-official Cardano wallet. Exchanges tend to be over saturated and require a long term commitment. In addition exchanges and non-official wallets do not offer the security the Cardano network provides and is not truly decentralized. Yoroi: Daedalus: Yoroi Instructions: 1) Visit: 2) Set up Yoroi Wallet, choose Shelly Era. (Be sure to copy pass phrases and keep them safe) Transfer ADA to Yoroi wallet: 3) In Yoroi wallet select your wallet you created in "My Wallets". 4) At the bottom select "receive". 5) Select fresh address. 6) Select "copy address". (Please ensure you selected "receive".) 7) Go to location where ADA is held (Exchange, another wallet). 8) Initiate a withdraw of ADA, send to address copied in step 6. 9) After a few minutes your ADA should appear in your Yoroi wallet, go to next step. Complete Delegation: 10) Select your wallet in Yoroi wallet then select "Delegate" in bottom right. 11) In staking center search for A3C ticker. 12) Select "DELEGATE" under ticker. 13) Congratulations, you are now staking with A3C. Thank you kindly for your support. Please remember when A3C stake pool becomes profitable a portion of A3C's rewards will go to a charity. Daedalus Instructions: Visit video link below and follow instructions. When asked for stake pool type in A3C Cardano Pool, that is our stake pool. Notes: Current Setup: Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensure 100% uptime & multiple utility redundancies. (Power & internet) Future setup: At A3C we believe in using technology to simplify our life. With this mentality we plan on eventually transitioning to a 100% sustainable stake pool with multiple internet redundancies through Tesla Solar Roof & Starlink. Note that this transition will not happen until these services are available and installed.

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  • Rockwood, ON, Canada

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